"Organizations" allow you to share family data between different PRO users and for administrators to reassign ownership of family data to other PRO users, for example in situations where an advisor has left the firm or is on vacation.

Sharing family data can be useful in many situations, such as to allow a senior advisor to review the work of junior advisors, or when an assistant updates financial data for a family before the advisor runs a report.

Please Note: There is always only one "owner" of a family/client. When running a report, the owner's default settings and assumptions will be used even if another user is running the report.

You can set up an organization, or respond to an invitation you have received, by going to Account > Organization Settings.

Note these important facts about Organizations and Family Sharing:

  1. You can only join one organization
  2. All members of an organization must have an active PRO license for our software.
  3. Once you join an organization, only the organization owner can remove you from it. (If you create an organization you are the owner of that organization.)
  4. If the organization you join is set to "Share All," all your family/client data will be automatically shared with everyone else in the organization. If the organization is set to "User-to-User" sharing, you will have control over who you share data with, but an administrator of your organization can take ownership of your family data and reassign it, share it with other members of your organization, or delete it.

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