Before you set up an Organization please note these important facts:

  1. All members of an Organization must have their own active PRO license to our software.
  2. You can only be a member of one Organization at any time.
  3. Once a member joins an Organization, they can only leave that Organization if they are removed by the owner of the Organization. (By default the owner is the person who first sets up an Organization, though ownership can be reassigned to another member of the Organization.)

Create an Organization

To set up an Organization, go to Account > Organization Settings and follow the instructions to enter a name and create the organization.

Important Notes:

  1. The name of your Organization must be unique within our database.
  2. You can only belong to one Organization.
  3. If you create the Organization you are by default the "owner" of the Organization with administrative control.

Therefore, be sure that you are the right person to create the Organization within our software for your company. If not, find the person who is and ask them to create the Organization instead.