The MaxiFi plan uses January 1 as the calibration date for your regular asset balances and retirement account balances. The inflation and safe return rates assigned to these pools of money are assumed to have a full year to accrue higher earnings. This assumption can cause a problem when you use balances that are not representing balances from the beginning of the current year. If you have a gain or a loss already in February or July or, say, November, and use this "new-reality balance" as your "beginning of the year" balance, the full year of inflation and return assumption will be applied to that balance for the remaining months of the year. 

This change may turn out to project more accurately where your balance will be at the end of the year, or the market may make take a dive, as did stocks in 2018 when they moved from +12% YTD in October to a -5.24% by the end of December 2018. 

A better approach may be to set the rate of return assumption for the current year to a safe, cautious return rate that will more closely reflect your best guess about a safe (for sure) return for the current year. For instructions and details, see Mid-year and end of year changes to your plan

See: Two Approaches and Two Purposes to Planning (why be so cautious?)