Please Note: Filing for and suspending your retirement benefit is not the same as or a part of restricting your application to your spousal benefit only and it is important not to conflate these mutually exclusive procedures: if you do one, you can't do the other.

You can model that an individual will file for their retirement benefit any time they're eligible to do so. You can then model that they'll suspend their retirement benefit at or some time after their FRA. They can suspend immediately after filing or wait, but no one can voluntarily suspend their retirement benefit before their FRA. You can then model them reinstating their retirement benefit at some date between their FRA and 70. Delayed retirement credits (DRCs) are not earned after the individual turns 70 so there's no reason to delay reinstating past the month the individual turns 70.

Also note that you can enter past dates for filing, suspending and reinstating in the Current Retirement Benefits panel for the individual.